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Experienced Personal Counseling

Experienced Personal Counseling

Experienced Personal CounselingExperienced Personal Counseling

Areas of Service


* Anger Management                                                    * Anxiety

* Attention Deficit Disorder                                         * Attachment Issues/Disorder

* Co-Dependency and Adult/Child Issues                 * Cognitive/Behavioral Therapies

* Depression                                                                    * Divorce/Blended Families

* Domestic Violence                                                       * Educational Struggles

* Exceptional Needs Children                                      * Friendship Building

* Gifted and Talented Children                                    * Grief and Loss

* Group Counseling                                                         * Parent/Child Relationships 

* Self-Esteem                                                                    * Stress

* Transition Adjustment                                                * Trauma

Sessions Done With You In Mind

Step into my office Counseling services

If you are looking for a traditional counseling experience consider yourself invited to our office space. 

We have a relaxing "adults room" complete with a soothing water feature as well as a "kids room" with fun interactives and tactile, grounding carpets. 

When setting an appointment please specify "in office" if this option works best for you.

mobile Counseling Services

If the thought of meeting in a "formal" office makes you feel uneasy or perhaps you have the need for something more convenient, we also offer sessions in the comfort of your own home or public location of your choice.

When setting an appointment please specify "mobile" if this option works best for you. 

($10 travel fee applies)

Digital Counseling Services

If you are not ready to meet face to face, or need some help on the go, consider our digital services.  

Text, email and video conferencing sessions are available